Nail Treatments

Nails are important too

Nail Art and treatments are something that our beauticians specialise in..
If you want something special then just let us know and we will work with you so that you get exactly what you want.
Our fully qualified and experienced Nail technicians will ensure that your new look is emphasised by a beautiful set of freshly manicured sparkling nails.

Come in, relax and let us treat your hands and feet to some very special treatment! No look is complete until you finish it off with fantastic nails.

Nail Treatments


Nail Extensions
Using ‘Creative’ Acrylic Nail Products 
Full Set of Acrylic (1hr 30mins) £33.00
Forever French (1hr 30mins) £33.00
One Nail Extension (30mins) £4.00
Full Set of Infills (No charge for extra Nails) (1hr) £22.00
Full Extension Removal (1hr) £15.00
Full Extension Removal & Mini Manicure (1hr 30mins) £20.00
Nail Art (add diamantes to your Mani or Pedi) £0.50+

Hand and Foot Care
Using ‘Jessica’ and ‘
Skin Truth’ Products
Luxury Manicure (1hr 30mins) £27.00
Luxury French Manicure (1hr 30mins) £30.00
Luxury Pedicure (1hr 30mins) £30.00
Luxury French Pedicure (1hr 30mins) £33.00
Manicure (1hr) £20.00
French Manicure (1hr) £22.00
Pedicure (1hr) £23.00
French Pedicure (1hr) £25.00
Shape & Polish (30mins)
French Polish (30mins) £13.00
Le Remedi (30mins) £15.00
Le Remedi (if accompanied with manicure) £10.00
Gel Polish (30mins) £20.00
Gel Polish Removal (30mins) £10.00
Gel Polish Removal & re-applied (1hr) £25.00
Foot Massage (£15.00) £15.00

Heat Treatment
Relax, Moisturise, Remove hard skin Desquamate dead cells 
Hand or Foot Treatment (30mins) £7.00