Beauty Services

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Beauty Treatments

Shyloks Beauty salon offers you peace and tranquility from the moment you walk in. Come in and relax, enjoy the soothing music, leaving all of your troubles behind while our highly qualified and experienced therapists provide the perfect treatment!

We are dedicated to giving our valued customers excellent service, using high quality branded products to ensure that your experience is memorable every time!

In business for over 10 years, we have built up a loyal customer base and we intend to go on building fantastic customer relationships for the next 10 years and beyond!

The image and personal appearance of the modern woman has never been so important. Our helpful and friendly therapists will help you to achieve the look that you desire.


Nail Extensions
Using ‘Creative’ Acrylic Nail Products 
Full Set of Acrylic (1hr 30mins) £33.00
Forever French (1hr 30mins) £33.00
One Nail Extension (30mins) £4.00
Full Set of Infills (No charge for extra Nails) (1hr) £22.00
Full Extension Removal (1hr) £15.00
Full Extension Removal & Mini Manicure (1hr 30mins) £20.00
Nail Art (add diamantes to your Mani or Pedi) £0.50+


Hand and Foot Care
Using ‘Jessica’ and ‘
Skin Truth’ Products
Luxury Manicure (1hr 30mins) £27.00
Luxury French Manicure (1hr 30mins) £30.00
Luxury Pedicure (1hr 30mins) £30.00
Luxury French Pedicure (1hr 30mins) £33.00
Manicure (1hr) £20.00
French Manicure (1hr) £22.00
Pedicure (1hr) £23.00
French Pedicure (1hr) £25.00
Shape & Polish (30mins)
French Polish (30mins) £13.00
Le Remedi (30mins) £15.00
Le Remedi (if accompanied with manicure) £10.00
Gel Polish (30mins) £20.00
Gel Polish Removal (30mins) £10.00
Gel Polish Removal & re-applied (1hr) £25.00
Foot Massage (£15.00) £15.00


Heat Treatment
Relax, Moisturise, Remove hard skin
Desquamate dead cells
Hand or Foot Treatment (30mins) £7.00


Eye Treatments
Eyelash and Eyebrow treatments 
Eyebrow Shape (5mins) £6.50
3D Stencil Eyebrow Definition £4.00
Eyebrow Tint (15mins) £6.50
Eyelash Tint (15mins) £8.50
3D Eyelash Extension £65.00
3D Eyelash Extension infills £27.00
Individual False Lashes £15.00
Strip Lashes £10.00

Dermatone Anti-Aging Eye Treatments
Reduces fine line wrinkles
Diminishes dark circles
45 minute Treatment £20.00


‘Silhouette’ Non-surgical Face Lift
Get that youthful glow
Reduce fine lines and wrinkles
Single Treatment (1hr 30mins) £35.00
Course of 10 Treatments (Installments Available) £180.00


‘Silhouette’ Micro Current Lymphatic Drainage
Reduction of dark circles and puffiness
Course of 10 Treatments (Installments Available) £180.00

‘Silhouette’ Dermafusion Facials
A unique breakthrough in
anti-aging facials

Green Tea & Kiwi Facial
A Wellbeing anti-aging facial that exfoliates,
replenishes, protects,
nourishes and renews the skin.
Full Facial (1hr) £35.00
Mini Facial (30mins) £20.00


Cellular Tightening & Lifting Facial
This anti-aging facial provides a fast
lightening action that Leaves your skin feeling firm and
radiant with a healthy glow.
Full Facial (1hr) £35.00
Mini Facial (30mins) £20.00


Bofusion or Caviar Facials with AHA Active
Glycolic Peel (Botox but without the injection).
Glycolic Peel “Botox but without the injection” (1hr 15mins) £35.00
Add AHA Active Glycolic peeling to any Facial (Removes Dead Skin) £6.95
Incorporate any ‘Silhouette’ anti-aging facial £20.00


‘Silhouette’ Micro Dermabrasion
Leading technique of skin rejuvenation
using micro fibre crystals. 
Full Course of 10 Treatments £200.00
Single Treatment £35.00

Body Treatments
Professional Massage
by experienced and friendly Masseuse. 
Full Body Massage (1hr) £35.00
Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage £20.00
Full Body exfoliation and Moisturise £20.00


Make Overs
A professional Make Over
with an experienced beautician.
Professional Make-Up Tutorial (30mins) £20.00
Daytime or Evening Make-up including
Cleanse, Tone and Moisturise (45mins)
Wedding Make-up which includes consultation
and application 1week prior to wedding


Temporary hair removal
lasting 4-8 weeks.
Full Leg Wax (45mins) £20.00
Full Leg and Bikini line Wax (1hr) £25.00
3/4 Leg Wax (40mins) £17.00
Half Leg Wax (30mins) £15.00
Bikini line Wax (15-25mins) From £9.50
Under Arms Wax (15mins) £8.50
Full Arm Wax (30mins) £15.00
1/2 Arm Wax -Upper/lower (30mins) £10.00
Eyebrow Wax (15mins) £6.50
Lip Wax (15mins) £5.50
Chin Wax (15mins) £5.50
Lip and Chin Wax (30mins) £9.00
Abdominal Wax (15mins) £7.00
Chest Wax (30mins) £20.00
Back Wax (30mins) £20.00
Chest and Back Wax (1hr) £30.00


Body Wrapping
Leading weight loss treatment   
Full Body Treatment £30.00
Individual Areas  From £15.00
Mini Facial During Wrap £10.00


Vani-T Organic Spray Tan
Organic spray tan is the largest
leading brand in organic tanning
used by A List Celebrities
Full Body Liquid Sun
8-10hrs develop, Available in 3 Shades
Individual Area £15.00
Velocity Wash & Wear Tan 1-4hrs to Develop £25.00